Park znanosti - Oroslavlje
Izvor: Park znanosti - Oroslavlje
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Nalazište krapinskih neandertalaca
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Kumrovec - izrada drvenih igračaka - UNESCO
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Ogulin - Ivanina kuća bajke
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Dvor Veliki Tabor
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Lepoglavska čipka
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Gorski Kotar

We are presenting you to Gorski Kotar, who cares and nurtures in his heart the most beautiful nature it can give: primordial, dense forest and beauty with all its undiscovered jewels and secrets.


- departure by bus in the morning,
- driving through Karlovac by highway to Vukove gorice, and continuing to Delnice,
- going in the direction of the famous forest park Golubinjak owned by "Hrvatsko šume",
- upon arrival, a visit of the centuries-old Gorani forest, a visit to the whole and unique forest park environment in Croatia,
- after refresh and rest the journey to the nearby Fužina;
- visit to the cave "Vrelo"; The Vrelo cave is widely known for its speleological value (also called "Little Postojna"), and it also contains the source of the river Lič, a sightseeing tour accompanied by guides,
- After visiting the cave, going to Lake Bajer in Fužine,
- walk to the ranch "Vrelo", sightseeing,
- optional riding on horses,
- possibility of organizing lunch at the restaurant,
- after a short vacation to the nearby Lokvi - the "frog town", if desired to go to the "Frog" museum or visit the town,
- return the same way, arrival in the afternoon.


PRICE: on request (price depends on student number and departure point)


The price includes:
• transport by bus,
• a quality guide,
• ticket to Golubinjak,
• ticket to Vrelo cave,
• insurance against the consequences of an accident on the bus,
• organizational costs.


Calculation is based on 40 people. The Agency reserves the right to change the price or cancel the trip in case of insufficient number of passengers or in case of changes in the calculation elements. During the travel the agency reserves the right to change the itinerary if there is a need for it, but it is obliged to complete the program in its entirety.

This program applies to the General Terms and Conditions of Trakostyan tours. We recommend and offer a package of insurance: health insurance, luggage insurance, accident insurance during travel and travel cancellation insurance. Travel cancellation insurance is paid upon the first payment and signing of the contract. For more information, please contact the branch offices of the Varaždin Tourist Agency.


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