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general terms



General travel conditions are an integral part of each travel program of travel agency Trakostyan tours d.o.o. And every contract for a concluded touristic arrangement.


Upon application to the Agency, the payment of travel advances in the amount of 20% of the value of the arrangement of the contract on the concluded touristic arrangement.


The arrangement shall be repaid in the installments as specified in the Travel Contract Agreement between the beneficiary of the arrangement / parent / guardian / agency and no later than the end of the current year, all in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports.


The price of the arrangement is fixed according to the offered program and the contract, except in case of changes in the value of the calculation elements, based on which the price of travel is calculated: exchange rate of the kuna against EUR, fuel price, public transport price (airline) and the like.


For each trip, the minimum number of passengers was determined based on which the price of the package was calculated. In the case of a smaller number of passengers than calculated (which is 10% or higher), the agency reserves the right to increase the price of the package and adds to the empty places on the bus until the calculated number. All offered free-of-charge arrangements have a fixed price regardless of the number of passengers in a particular group, based on this type of travel application the bargaining risk is taken over by Trakostyan tours, and the group agrees to buses or merge with another group.


Any withdrawal must be reported in writing to the "Trakostyan tours" branch. In the case of a person's departure from the travel expenses for the agency's work so far carried out of the total travel price the following amounts are retained:

Up to 75 days before the time 20%

From 74 to 21 days 50%

From 20 to 8 days 75%

From 7 to 1 days 100% (regardless of the reason for giving up).

This exempts the death of a poor family, unplanned, justified duties or departure of passengers due to illness in the hospital (which must be documented by hospital records), and unusual circumstances such as elemental disasters, wars, terrorist actions and the like, which may directly affect On the execution of a travel program, for which the relevant official bodies of the Republic of Croatia are relevant.


Part of the group includes 5 or more people. Any withdrawal of a group or part of a group must be reported in writing to the "Trakostyan tours" branch. In the event of a waiver of the costs of the agency's work so far carried out by the agency, the total amount of travel expenses shall be the following:

All waits up to 90 days before the time 20%

Withdrawal from 89 to 60 days before the trip 50%

59 days to 1 day before the trip 100%


It is recommended to all passengers to arrange shelves for the risk of travel cancellation. In the case of waiver without the payment of insurance, the scale referred to in Articles 6 and 7 shall be strictly applied.


The luggage is transported to the passenger risk, and it is advisable to provide luggage in the insurance company. The organizer is not responsible for lost or lost luggage, nor for theft of luggage or valuables in the hotel or means of transport.

In case of loss of luggage, the passenger must make a log on the spot with the carrier's representative and proceed according to the established provisions. The organizer can mediate between passengers and carriers, but without any material obligation to any one.


All intentional damage (on a bus, hotel or similar) during the duration of the arrangement is settled by the traveler on the basis of the perpetrator's and the injured's insight.

HOLIDAY IN THE HOTELS- if the hotelier requests a deposit in case of damage, the same will be collected from the passengers immediately before entering the hotel room and stored at the reception. The plunder is fully returned if no damage has been done.


The organizer will provide the passengers with the services provided by the program and contract and will care about the rights and interests of the passengers in accordance with good business practices. The travel organizer is responsible for the execution of all services contracted by the program and contract.


The traveler has to make sure that he personally, his documents and things meet the conditions set forth in the border, customs, health and other regulations of his country as well as the country to which he travels, to abide by the rules of the house in transport, catering and hotel facilities. In the case of non-compliance with these obligations, the passenger shall be liable for the consequences and damages incurred. The organizer delivers any liability for the damage that the traveler would suffer in this case.


The health insurance provider in the Republic of Croatia has the right to health services at home and abroad in scope and according to the health insurance conditions and regulations. The announcement of the right traveler must be obtained before the journey begins. Transfer to the hospital, all the costs of treatment the traveler has settled, and on the basis of the account submits a request for the refund of funds to his health insurance.


Arrangement prices do not include travel insurance, unless otherwise noted in the program. When making a travel contract, each traveler will be offered travel insurance, according to the law on business travel agencies. We recommend a travel insurance package. Health insurance during travel and abroad, baggage insurance, casualty insurance, travel cancellation insurance. Our Partners Croatia osiguranje d.d. And Helios Vig d.d.


The guarantee for tourist package arrangement and liability insurance was paid by Croatia osiguranje d.d. Contract No.490 / 14 (bail) and Police No. 099090000158 (liability) by Ag. Čorko d.o.o.


The party submits in written form no later than 8 days from the end of the trip, and encloses a written confirmation signed by the tourist companion. The organizer will only receive the fully completed complaints received in the specified deadline. The organizer issues a written solution to each complaint within 14 days upon receipt of the complaint.

While the organizer does not make a decision, the traveler waives the mediation of any person, arbitration by UHPA, a court institution or providing information to the public.


These travel conditions apply to all programs issued by the agency, whether it is specifically indicated on the programs or not. Travel conditions are available to all passengers and potential travelers at all sales venues of the agency.


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Tel: 042 205 555, fax 042 / 205-565

I.D. At HR-AB-42-07002586

Identification number 1237403

OIB: 03727633572

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